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Thirthahalli is a panchayat town in Shivamogga district in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is situated on the banks of river Tunga and is the headquarters of Thirthahalli taluk of Shivamogga district.

Geographical Information


Our town Thirthahalli is located at 13.6897° N latitude and 75.2359° E longitude. It has an average elevation of 577 meters (1893 ft) above sea level.

Thirthahalli has a tropical climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year. The rainy season lasts from June to September, with July and August being the heaviest.

The town is known for its scenic beauty and is a popular tourist destination. Surrounded by hills, forests and waterfalls, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Thirthahalli is home to several historical and cultural landmarks such as Kavaledurga Fort, Kuppalli Venkatappa Puttappa Memorial and Sahasralinga.

Agricultural Life


The town and its surrounding areas are known for their fertile soil and diverse agricultural activities. Common crops grown in the region include rice, sugarcane, areca nut, coconut, pepper and spices such as cardamom and ginger. The town is famous for its horticultural produce like mangoes, bananas and pomegranates.

Agriculture in Thirthahalli is mainly rain-fed, with monsoon being the primary source of water for irrigation. Farmers in the region depend on traditional water conservation methods such as constructing small dams, digging wells and constructing small tanks to store water.

The local agricultural industry of Thirthahalli has been boosted by the introduction of modern agricultural techniques and technologies. The use of hybrid seeds, mechanization and modern irrigation methods have helped to increase productivity and improve the quality of the crops produced.

In recent years, the Government of Karnataka has implemented several schemes and initiatives aimed at supporting the agricultural industry in Thirthahalli and other parts of the state. These initiatives include providing subsidies to farmers to purchase modern farm equipment and establishing agricultural research centers to promote scientific farming practices.

Overall, the agricultural life of Thirthahalli is an important aspect of the town’s economy and heritage. The region’s fertile soil, favorable climate and innovative agricultural practices have helped make a significant contribution to Karnataka’s agricultural industry.

Transport Connectivity


The town is well connected to other parts of the state through various modes of transport.

Road: The Agumbe Ghat road is a main route from Thirthahalli to Dakshina Kannada district. There are other roads leading from Thirthahalli to other places. The town is connected to other nearby towns and villages through a network of state highways and roads.

Railway: The nearest railway station to Thirthahalli is Shivamogga Railway Station, which is about 64.6 km away. Thirthahalli can be reached by bus from Shivamogga.

Airport: The nearest airports to Thirthahalli are Shivamogga Domestic Airport at 73.6 km and Mangalore International Airport at a distance of about 124.4 km. The airport is well connected to major cities in India and also has international flights.

Local Transport: Thirthahalli has a well-established local transport system that includes buses and taxis. One can easily hire a taxi or take a bus to explore the town and its surroundings. Additionally, auto-rickshaws are also available for short distances.

Thirthahalli is surrounded by beautiful natural spots including waterfalls, forests and hills, making it a favorite destination for nature lovers and trekkers. The serene atmosphere and pleasant climate of this region attracts tourists from different parts of the country.

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