Kodlu Ramakrishna

Kodlu Ramakrishna was a renowned film director in the Kannada film industry of Karnataka, India. He directed several critically acclaimed films depicting social issues and had a significant impact on the Kannada film industry and his first film was Bisilu Beladingalu.

Some of Kodlu Ramakrishna’s notable films include “Yarigu Helbedi,” “Swalpa Adjust Madikolli,” “Miss California,” “Makkele Manikya,” and “Matthe Udbhav.” These films are known for their portrayal of realistic characters and their ability to address social issues prevalent in Karnataka.

He has received 4 State Awards from the State Govt. Kodlu Ramakrishna’s work was recognized with several awards and honours. Kodlu Ramakrishna’s legacy in the Kannada film industry continues to inspire and influence filmmakers and filmgoers in Karnataka and beyond.

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