Kuppalli is a small village in Thirthahalli of Shivamogga district. It is the birthplace of renowned Kannada poet and writer Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa (Kuvempu). Kuvempu was a prolific writer and a prominent figure in Kannada literature and he played a significant role in the modernization of Kannada language and literature.

Kuppalli is known for its serene and scenic beauty, surrounded by lush greenery and hills. It attracts tourists interested in exploring Kuvempu’s birthplace and ancestral home, which has been converted into a museum, museum and memorial in his honour. Exhibits Kuvempu’s personal belongings, manuscripts and other artefacts related to his life and works.

Apart from the Kuvempu monument, this village has some other attractions. Kavishaila, a rock monument dedicated to Kuvempu, is a popular destination for literature buffs and nature lovers. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and serves as a quiet retreat for contemplation and inspiration.

Kuppalli is approximately 17 kilometers from the district headquarters, Thirthahalli town. Shivamogga is well connected by road and rail, making it convenient for tourists to reach Kuppalli. The village provides a peaceful and reflective environment for those interested in exploring the life and works of Kuvempu and experiencing the natural beauty of the region.

Thirthahalli is surrounded by beautiful natural spots including waterfalls, forests and hills, making it a favorite destination for nature lovers and trekkers. The serene atmosphere and pleasant climate of this region attracts tourists from different parts of the country.

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