Sri Rameshwara Temple

Sri Rameshwara Temple is the most important Hindu temple in Thirthahalli. It is located in Thirthahalli taluk of Shivamogga district. The temple is made of stone and is situated on the banks of river Tunga. It is located near Parasurama Theertha. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has a linga installed by sage Parashurama and hence the temple is considered as Parashurama Theertha.

The sanctum sanctorum of the Sri Rameshwara Temple temple has a Linga. It is said to have been founded by Sage Parasurama. The day when Parashurama cleansed his ax to remove a blood stain the size of a sesame seed, the new moon day of the Hindu calendar Margashira month is known as Sesame Amavasya. As there were many Tirthas in the Tunga River here in the past, it was called Tirtha Rajpura. Gradually it became Thirthahalli.

Ellu Amavase mean the new moon day and the annual festival Ellu Amavase Jatra is celebrated in Thirthahalli. Of special interest to the public is the five-day Utsav, three days of which are Utsava Murti, when the main idol of Sri Rameshwar is taken to the river for enshrining on Ellu Amavase. Lakhs of devotees visit Rameshwaram temple every year from abroad. This temple is quite famous for its architecture.

Thirthahalli is surrounded by beautiful natural spots including waterfalls, forests and hills, making it a favorite destination for nature lovers and trekkers. The serene atmosphere and pleasant climate of this region attracts tourists from different parts of the country.

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